18Morgan high quality China enterprises into the global value of depression – fund channel|Morgan high quality China enterprises into the global value of depression – fund channel5

Morgan: high quality China enterprises into the global value of depression – fund channel in September 25, 2016, the JP Morgan fund joint "Volkswagen financial advisor" magazine held in Beijing International Forum Morgan, the forum theme of "insight trend, leading configuration", more than heavyweight guests around the new trend of international investment, multi asset allocation strategy made a wonderful speech. As a special fund and financial media graphic reports on the forum. The general manager of the JP Morgan fund company assistant general manager of the center area of North China, Ms. Yu Nan said, "the asset shortage" topic for a year, has become the new norm, we gradually accept a reality, risk-free assets disappeared and high income, the future decline in the risk-free rate of return is represent the general trend. In the global currency under the water, a large amount of money into all kinds of assets, including bonds, gold, stocks, real estate, safe haven currencies, resulting in significant fluctuations in the price of all types of asset prices. The coexistence of low interest rates, high volatility of the situation, making the "asset allocation" has new meaning, investors should be dispersed assets to a variety of low correlation of assets, both overseas, through multiple investment share to different stages of long-term asset appreciation benefits. Morgan senior customer portfolio manager Mr. Shuai Shiwei shared the idea of asset allocation, the layout of the global investment Chinese. Shuai Shiwei believes that the world is facing three problems of low low inflation and low earnings growth, low interest rates, while emerging market is relatively mature market economy growth is more obvious, with the stock earnings dynamic comparison, if you start to invest in stocks this year, China and other emerging market countries have more investment potential. Shuai Shiwei believes that before investing in China, A shares have been able to meet the needs of investors, but now with the Chinese enterprises to go out of China, to the world, we must have the concept of global layout. The current A shares investment Chinese enterprise does not exceed 3000, the global investment China concept of enterprise standard has more than 4300, can be the subject of investment market from the previous Shanghai, Shenzhen, United States, extended to Hongkong, London, Singapore, Canada, Germany and other markets. Hong Kong stocks continued to rise in the near future, Shuai Shiwei believes that the domestic institutions to underestimate the value of the configuration, high dividend quality assets, as well as the need to avoid exchange rate fluctuations are rising. Let go of the capital in Shanghai and Hong Kong through the south of the upper limit, a total of 270 billion went to Hong Kong, the Hong Kong stocks, high dividend yield, valuation, growth, growth in the value of shares gained funds sought, and the first half of this year, A shares the configuration of the idea is the same. It is reported that in September 29th the public offering of the Morgan Chinese century flexible configuration hybrid funds, the investment scope of coverage China A shares, Hongkong, the United States and other overseas markets listed Chinese company, is committed to mining market value of depression, through cross market investment, share the worldwide outstanding Chinese enterprise growth and income. The fund will be through multiple channels by Morgan QDII layout lines, Shanghai and Hong Kong and the future of the Shenzhen Investment in overseas markets, the fund’s assets ratio can be as high as 50%.

60Secret Tsinghua teachers how to get cheated 17 million 600 thousand yuan –it– people’s network|Secret Tsinghua teachers how to get cheated 17 million 600 thousand yuan –it– people’s network4

Secret: Tsinghua teachers is 17 million 600 thousand yuan –IT– people.com.cn original title: Secret: how cheated 17 million 600 thousand yuan is how the Tsinghua teachers cheated, cheated living downstairs unit to strengthen the security measures of a teacher of Tsinghua University recently suffered telecommunications fraud is "roll away" 17 million 600 thousand yuan caused widespread concern. In addition to the fraud itself, the teachers "net worth over ten million" has become a lot of people to discuss the topic, Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that, at present there is no evidence pointing to the money source, cheated 17 million 600 thousand yuan is a part of the sale of property income, the other part is borrowed from others. In addition, BYD reporter learned that the teacher is a typical experience of "posing as public security of telecommunications fraud, the fraud Gang posing as government departments and staff through the" word "guide swindled money into security account". Although in recent years, the police and banks have done a lot of publicity in the prevention of such telecommunications fraud, but it was accidentally fooled. The source of the legitimacy of the money cheated? In August 31st, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that living in the laqiying teacher cheated 8 residential buildings nearby, compared to the day before yesterday, the two or three new security unit downstairs. Security said that due to the residents to reflect the recent visit to the area more staff, affecting the normal life of the residents, so specially strengthened patrols. At the same time, a number of residents in the district revealed that there are 8 public security organs in the morning to the staff, should be asked to be a fraud." One resident added. District residents, lanqiying area was built in 1998, mainly to the Tsinghua University and the Peking University which houses two university teachers, not for sale. One resident told reporters BYD: fraud teacher unit building both Tsinghua teachers also have a university teacher, but the building is generally to the high professional title teacher." After the scandal, many netizens questioned: 17 million 600 thousand yuan is not a small sum of money, a university teacher telecommunications fraud was so much, the source is legitimate? BYD reporter learned that, Tsinghua teacher telecommunications fraud was the 17 million 600 thousand yuan, is part of the sale of a property income, another part is borrowed from other people. The police are also pointed out that the source of money is not cheated is not legitimate. The residential units in the building have deceived the anti fraud reminder BYD reporter learned from the real estate intermediary Department lanqiying area surrounding, laqiying residential houses within the district are relatively new, the size of 90 square metres of housing, but the "lanqiying area belongs to the Tsinghua University internal property, can only rent, not foreign sales, only to buy private communication". Intermediary, lanqiying area two bedroom monthly rent of 10 thousand yuan to 15 thousand yuan. In addition, BYD reporter noted, and the district is located in the same area Huaqingjiayuan area, the average price of 80 thousand yuan square meters. There is news that the teacher cheated sale is a residential real estate willow. Real estate intermediary said, Wanliu communities currently houses is the best of the Haidian District school district room. Intermediary told reporters BYD, Wanliu community housing is relatively new, average price)