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Parents emotional stability, how important is the child in the end? Author Xie Kehui – Sohu maternal | Kai Shu said emotional kaishushuo people often have to face the problem, find no solutions to tangle. There is no right or wrong mood, there is a reasonable. But obviously, that’s what we need to take. When we can not digest, passed to the child, in the end will be a manifestation of wounding. At that moment may not have thought, emotional restraint of the vent, the child will have a sense of guilt. They will think that mom and dad are not happy, is something wrong. Want equal treatment of children and his communication, first of all, please calm mood, he in a sense of security, you can see his voice. To the end of life as often with Brooks and high Pavilion Qingji, it has recently dropped the twilight, who knows to return? Muse wine in the mountains, as in youth, I left the night by boat. I could, deeply a new error, how to? How to cross? A mind, such as startled shaou egret…… Parents emotional stability, how important is the child in the end? Over the years, many educators and children in the community have been paying close attention to this topic. There was once a picture book is "angry, yelling at her mother", was all the rage, the picture content is a little penguin in the face of the mother angry, scared to death. Finally, even if the mother found a small penguin, but the child has been irreparable damage to the heart. A large number of surveys show that parents are emotionally stable, children are more happy and safe. When I was young, I met a boy who once went to an interesting class. He sat behind me, every day happy, secretly pulled my braids; at the end of the class, take my pen to run over the world, loudly say "you come and get me out of order"; note to me, with a picture of "pig" and "bear", next to write my name. I don’t like him, because he does not give face everywhere, make the whole class know that I call "pig". This time in front of me around laughing boy, one day, suddenly disappeared. Two weeks later, he came back to me. He was as silent as a soldier, and he kept quiet in every class, and he would not be able to pull me in. He occasionally red eyes, lying on the table. I was careful to ask him, he was talking about, he said, parents in a divorce, he has no way to go home. That year, we are thirteen or fourteen. The first time I walked with him on his way home, he said he wanted to kill himself. "The two of them weren’t like this before. Now, always quarrel, quarrel, they are angry. The mother will burst into my room, I kept nagging, I sat not, hit me back, my head from the books near, do not stop hitting me on the head; when she went out, my father came in, my father sat very silent, he sat behind you, I not making any sound, he is a man in a very bad mood." Thirteen year old people know – what相关的主题文章:

Within a week of Shenhua signed Sun Shilin listens to the club-嘿嘿taxi

Within a week of Shenhua signed? Sun Shilin: all obey the arrangement of sports club + special correspondent Shao Qi reported Liaoning Hongyun team waist iron Sun Shilin will join Shanghai Shenhua in a week? The news spread throughout the football in the afternoon, but also to the majority of Liaoning fans jittery. Because Sun Shilin just held a grand wedding yesterday, for his next step, he is still no time to take into account. But Sun Shilin also admitted that everything will respect the arrangements of the club. The morning of November 12th, Sun Shilin and his wife Zheng Yue held a grand wedding ceremony in Dalian, including the Liaoning team captain Zhao Junzhe and many old teammates of the Liaoning team, and Liaoning FC personnel to the scene to congratulate. However, second days before the wedding ceremony, but came Sun Shilin will join Shanghai Shenhua team within a week of the news. Sun Shilin himself said that the current transfer news all are not conclusive, and he and his wife had just married, also coincided with the Liaoning team during the holiday, and will enjoy the first wife married, "the saga, now there is no, I do not know." In fact, Sun Shilin was seen by other super club is not news. Earlier this year, Guangzhou R & F will see Sun Shilin, and Liaoning FC carried out interviews, but in the final link differ, the Liaoning team eventually did not let Sun Shilin go, but let him and played a year. Sun Shilin will deliver the goods, firmly occupy Liaoning’s main role, has also scored in an important game, also the two consecutive season through the shot ripped through the Hong Kong team on the Shanghai gate. Back into the attack and defend, Sun Shilin comprehensive physical quality, excellent running ability and tough style, is probably the reason why he has a lot of market. It is worth mentioning that, after the online news that Sun Shilin will join the Hong Kong team in Shanghai in the near future, when Sun Shilin’s wife was also in the online issue of the suspected rumor of speech. But the two people just married, perhaps in the near future will not consider a transfer problem. Previously in the B League and the League to fight Sun Shilin, if not Liaozu this platform, it is difficult to have today’s achievements, so in the last year when Guangzhou Fuli received the invitation, Sun Shilin mainly obey the club’s opinion. In a recent interview, Sun Shilin had said a meaningful words: no Liaoning team will not have my today, so I thank the Liaoning team, the first choice is still here. But as players want to have a good platform and the future, if I move to other clubs, Liaoning can have a good income, then I would also like to." Therefore, the transfer of the rumors, he himself still said." Although the success of Sun Shilin to join Shanghai Shenhua also can make nothing of it, but the end of the month Liaoning Hongyun team will be assembled in Shenyang, and then fly to Guangdong Sanshui base winter training, perhaps the fate of Sun Shilin will have a result before. Moreover, because Sun Shilin is currently with the Liaoning team have contracts, trying to poach Liaoning team players, Shanghai Shenhua will spend a lot of money transfer fees, taking into account the Hebei China last year from the Liaoning team bought Ding sai相关的主题文章:

Guotai Junan walk League of Nations has long threatened Taibao disk has not been settled – Sohu secu-denka

Guotai Junan "walk" League of Nations has long threatened Taibao disk has not been settled – Sohu securities reporter Li Jiexue reported in Shenzhen after a lapse of three years, Guotai Junan (601211.SH) and the League of nations "break up" rumors finally settled. In August 23rd, Guotai Junan said the announcement, will be carried out in the Shanghai United Assets and equity exchange publicly listed equity linked funds transfer in 51%. After the completion of the transfer, no longer holds an equity fund. At present, the transfer plan has been approved by the board of directors, only made the League of nations fund joint venture Allianz Group Chinese agreed and approved by the sfc. For the equity transfer, Guotai Junan said, "the purpose of the transaction is mainly for the integration of business resources, optimize the company’s asset management business layout." United Nations Security Fund marketing department who responded to reporters, said the company’s equity changes in the level of shareholders to decide matters, we do not comment on this, do not make other responses." In fact, Guotai Junan intended to sell the country Allianz shares news long-standing, especially once rampant in 2013 the rumors. In 2014, Guotai Junan to transferee Shanghai electric (Group) Corporation held 20% equity fund Huaan news, the greater the suspicion market for the two sides to be "breaking up". Now, the rumors finally come true. It is worth mentioning that had been rumored to be then set the League of Nations Fund China Metabo, although in June this year to clarify the "the League of nations fund part of the equity deposit uncertainty", but with the League of nations that sell Guotai Junan settled, or soon will be out. "Walk" the League of nations with Guotai Junan shares announcement, Guotai Junan and the League of Nations Fund for several years finally coming to an end. Data show that the League of Nations was founded in April 3, 2003, is the third batch, twenty-fourth fund management companies, is also the first allowed to build Sino foreign joint venture fund management company, the registered capital of 150 million yuan. In addition to Guotai Junan holds a 51% stake, Allianz Group holds a 49% stake. As a fund company established more than ten years, the United States and the United States security fund development is relatively slow these years. According to Guotai Junan 2016 semi annual report shows that as of June 30th, the League of nations fund management fund 31 fund, public fund asset management scale 35 billion 203 million yuan, special asset management business scale of 18 billion 900 million yuan. This scale in the industry more than 100 fund companies, located in the middle reaches. The same year in conjunction with the fund fund companies, GF, fortune SGAM, Noam, Societe Generale global is, the scale of hundreds of billions or even the two hundred billion level of the company. Obviously, the pace of development of the national security fund is difficult to make the East satisfied. Although the size of the League of Nations has exceeded 20 billion of survival subsistence line, but from the large shareholder’s profit contribution over the Guotai Junan, it is "chicken ribs". According to Guotai Junan report shows that the first half of 2016, Guotai Junan achieved operating income of 13 billion 707 million yuan, attributable to shareholders of the parent company net profit of 5 billion 20 million yuan; and the League of nations fund achieved operating income of 2 snow相关的主题文章:

Central bank Fang Gang China will moderate control allows the gradual devaluation of the RMB-三色网

Fang Gang: the central bank China will allow the yuan to gradually depreciate moderately controlled hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! On September 9th news, according to Peng Bo reports, Chinese said the central bank monetary policy committee member Fang Gang Peng Bo Thursday to accept television interview in Shanghai, the current round of economic restructuring is China, economic growth may not speed, but has bottomed out. A study of the economic reforms will fund China National Economic Research Institute Fang Gang said that the economy is stabilizing, improve the situation of real estate industry, import growth, manufacturing industry tends to be stable. He does not think there may be a banking crisis at this stage, but the issue of bad loans about 5% to 6%, the problem needs to be resolved. Chinese foreign reserve is huge, coincides with the devaluation of the RMB capital outflows under foreign reserves decline is normal, the outflow of capital is a good thing, the future will see more outflow. Do not have to worry about hot money flight, it is only a small part of the flow of capital, despite the outflow of capital, the RMB is still devalued, but China’s capital is open to continue. China government should encourage private sector cross-border capital flows, deregulation, including promoting QDII2, appropriate to relax the personal swap lines. The current US dollar in the interest rate hike cycle, long-term bullish, the RMB should not follow the dollar rose, and should follow the other currencies, Chinese government will moderate control of exchange rate movements, allowing a slow depreciation of the yuan. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: