Hundreds of children’s books into a point of reading, and then difficult to live the technology is d pp点点通2006

The hundred children’s books into reading, hard to live in to over – Sohu recently many maternal mother mother contact me how to play, how to make the point of reading, back to the soft, so decided to write a strategy. How did I let ordinary printing books into the books? You can see Jo dad help me record this small video. You can see in the video, with a very good point reading pen, whether it is Chinese, English, or songs, can read. At home, a simple collation, I found that I have made nearly a hundred points of reading. Many of these books, because small Jo looked too many times turned rotten. Why do I have to make the book a little reading? 1 meet baby love referring to things, recognizing the curiosity of children 1 year old, started a lot of things are curious, love with little finger ah ah, let you tell him what it is, what it is, as well as to the picture book, repeat the question will be kept, the parents became flesh rereader. I borrowed a friend’s home, Bao Baogang ran out of a big point reading pen, as well as supporting the album, are based on the characters, fruits, transportation and other cognitive. Then I bought another brand of reading classic books made his home reading version, so the adults liberated, which is what the baby want to point, is a good learning, cognitive toys. 2 a more standard pronunciation of English six friends to give their baby had a section of enlightenment, online teaching, extra-curricular teaching pronunciation in the most correct her words, such as apple, pear such basic words! When listening to the original audio, I also found that their own pronunciation with the pronunciation of a certain gap, such as ate, hungry, etc.. With the point of reading in the form of listening and reading with your baby, you can correct the pronunciation of parents, but also to the baby the most pure enlightenment. Chinese reading picture books, can also avoid the elderly don’t have standard pronunciation problems to the child. 3 hear from the pan reading that we English download some songs, picture books for children to wear ear audio playback is possible, but you will find some other big baby, a book down with a whole English form, children listen to what. When he is familiar with a book, he will be interested in the one or two, a few pages of repeated reading, I have a book a day more than twenty times a day…… All nerves mouth parched and tongue scorched. If the book made reading version, left, too easy there. 4 from my mother read independent reading was two years old, many babies daily reading time accumulated for two or three hours or more, the mother can not always accompany with reading, if the baby needs to read mother, mother to do the housework, he may soon lose interest in reading, then can play the role of alternative is good. Slowly, I found the little Jo of their love of books from the point reading pen, his solemn read whining hullabaloo. It turned out that the point of reading pen + point reading can help children to read from dependence on the mother, the transition to independent reading. Many experienced parents believe that the early use of Q相关的主题文章: