All star to join Zhao Wei and Dong Shen Tonghua sounded the assembly – live entertainment technology

All star to join Zhao Wei and Dong Shen Tonghua sounded the assembly – live entertainment technology Sohu following Huang Xiaoming, Tong Dawei joined the star, Chinese creative Holdings Limited (HK, 08368) again, Zhao Wei and Chen Kunqi further introduced under the East Shanghai Tonghua (Beijing) culture communication company, the Affiliated Companies as a Affiliated Companies unlimited impression ejourney creative shareholders! Ejourney creative mainly engaged in online video broadcast business, brand management for the whole star video broadcast platform. Pictures from the network, unlimited impression were sold Beijing poly 10% and 5% Creative Technology Co. Ltd. the stake Zhao Wei and Dong Shen Tonghua, in accordance with the transfer price ejourney creative subscribed capital according to the proportion determined. Have introduced the stars and the star’s company, all star sounded "entertainment live partner of the assembly, the future, there will be more entertainment elite to join China creative, to join the all star, together to create a new era of live entertainment. As a mobile phone mobile TV to create pan entertainment broadcast platform, the star live rich and colorful, covering life, arts, entertainment, TV, concerts, award ceremonies, fashion activities, network serials and other aspects, the public wants to read everything. The whole system to develop a new direction of development with its unique market positioning and operation mode! In order to get rid of the difference with other platforms, to reward and advertising for profit model of business model, the whole star pan entertainment live + business "profit model in the mobile broadcast industry become an independent school. Is the core competitiveness of mobile broadcast service star, with entertainment as the core, for the material, live entertainers as a tool to enrich the valuable ornamental and entertainment live content, to attract the majority of users, and with interactive smooth star performers and their supporters, improve customer loyalty. The stars have joined the star to usher in a new period of development! All star will launch better and more wonderful programs, give users the best viewing experience, please continue to focus on!相关的主题文章: