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Amount of a god! An old man in a shopping spree in Heihe until the Thule tourism soft – Sohu (Heilongjiang five grams of children autumn tours Huashan line photo two) this winter and summer had been in Heilongjiang city of Heihe. The first time with Russian Amur capital Bulage, Shen Minsk city across the river in Heihe, not around the Russian commodity street, is white. Since the beginning of winter, everything is very fresh, although it was more than and 30 degrees below zero, but still stroll around. Here is the most distinctive family in front of the underground are filled with a variety of "normal" seafood (outdoor temperature is thirty or forty degrees below zero is the local temperature, the temperature at -15 degrees must be stored in the refrigerator that need, this is really a cold). Just ask about the price, 11 yuan catty tuna, salmon 12, sturgeon are 18, and the whole sale price is sold, not zero, each in 18 to 30 pounds, while feeling super cheap, but to take a lot of trouble. The second time this summer, across the river to the city, they stroll around the supermarket, commodity super cheap price, a superb collection of beautiful things, but the only Russian goods label, cannot read what is, only from the appearance of simple judgment, not under the heavy hand, only listen to the tour guide said that good chocolate here, so just bought less than 100 yuan the chocolate, home to send friends and family, say good results reflect — don’t spend a lot of money and please, oh, then why don’t buy more? In mid September, with my buddies in Heilongjiang in autumn five self driving tours of Huashan, once again came to Heihe. Because there are two previous experience, this did not intend to buy anything. Because want to wait for the partner to fly to the following, free German egg pain, in the vicinity of the Heihe port. In the port of Heihe is flat building mud square road, made several huge billboard is very loud, idle is idle, also see advertising. The result is the local government’s announcement: "two Heihe Sino Russian border trade zone management approach" and "Heihe Sino Russian border trade zone the first batch of goods list". See the mutual trade zone management approach and catalogue is on both sides of the border between China and Russia, both sides welcomed the purchase qualified goods, and are duty-free. The first batch of goods, merchandise catalog, is nothing more than the kitchen, bathroom, living room with every family necessities and some textile and light industry products. That being the case, why not go for an eye opener? The government designated the trade zone, in a mall in the port. Go, but see the trade between China and Russia to the Russian sugar, wine and other non-staple food giant is cheap to burst! In particular, all kinds of chocolate, a variety of vodka, a variety of raw bitter coffee, a variety of dairy products, the price is only equivalent to half of the domestic joint venture similar items or even lower! For example, 500 ml of a bottle of vodka, also more than and 20 to more than and 50 kinds of chocolate stuffy, various specifications of different packaging, from a few dollars to twenty or thirty yuan range, to have to do, giant delicious candy purple Russia Harbin supermarket 40 stuffy a catty, here are 30 yuan a kilo! Yes, you are not wrong, kg! Here, a variety of commodity names, ingredients, prices and other factors, are Chinese notes, a look to understand. Ask when shopping here.相关的主题文章: