Autumn leave, parent-child Wuxi 3 travel notes – Sohu eat and drink ca1805

Autumn holiday, Wuxi 3 Travels – parent-child Sohu and first visit to the town building map, ha ha ~ the first day of Qingming bridge scenic Chinese Silk Museum in the morning more than 10 points of view, Hangzhou East high iron to Wuxi high speed rail station time is two hours, the time of high iron, even under heavy rain. The habit of using a mobile phone software taxi, go to my reservation to Wuxi Guangyi Haoli beauty shop, I told my driver how to recognize me when I say a small a child, so that you don’t say the driver out of the station, the road to the Department of passengers waiting for me, I’ll pick you up. So you don’t get caught in the rain! I think Wuxi people really heartwarming ~ to the hotel after the first slightly in the rest room, also went to the restaurant to enjoy a tea tea, afternoon officially starting time of nearly 4 points, also found out when the rain, then borrowed a large umbrella in the lobby of the hotel to go out. Wuxi Qingming bridge area, the reason to come here, because I asked a friend in Wuxi, where I can get the characteristics of Wuxi delicacy, friends said, you go to the clearance of the bridge, where the most, so to eat, I do not know the story of Qingming bridge. But where to travel, in fact, the history of the story is not important, the sight of the scenery is the best! I remember a few years ago, we went to a city, the general will find the city’s pedestrian street, Shanghai Road, Tianjin, Heping Road, Guangzhou up and down nine pedestrian street, Xiamen…… These are we ever dreamed and reached the street, but the city was also tired, with commercial giant chain, found in every city of the pedestrian street met too similar, and we have thousands of local, why turn to the city of 100 rolling to go shopping? So more and more city began to have personality, characteristics, a light commercial ancient city block of memory and story, Sean Wuxi block is one of the. The clearance of the bridge is the main scenic Qingming bridge for the core region of the Wuxi section of the canal, the canal on both sides of the South The Strip and Nantang street as the main street, and two street have different characteristics, relatively speaking, the southern flavor of The Strip is more ancient, it was a rainy day, through the long alley, Dai Wangshu will float in the mind of the poem "Rain Lane", the love of beauty, I only hope that the meeting also hopes to become the girl holding an umbrella, but need not sad loss, love is more confident and calm…… While the show is not the same as the Nantang street in the South The Strip lively, there are many well-known brand chain around the country or Wuxi when individual restaurants, cafes, bars, filled with postmodernism, petty bourgeoisie. This is the clearance of the bridge, the bridge is very simple. It is the Ming Dynasty "Wuxi Jichang Garden" master Qin? Two sons to donate money to build, because the brothers name are pure, so the word Taining, called "Qingning bridge". The light years, because that the Daoguang emperor’s name? Ning renamed kiyona bridge, which is also called the Qingming bridge". Enjoy the "Jiangnan Water lanes on the bridge, the canal of Canal Street" Qingming bridge is the best position. A lot of people in the bridge has left a large section of the style, but some of the aura will be stretched out of the different Y相关的主题文章: