Beijing Heyi Hotel case man was sentenced to 2 years in the court issued a judicial proposal to the

Beijing Heyi Hotel case man was sentenced to 2 years in the court issued a judicial proposal to the hotel – Beijing has attracted much attention and cheek hotel attack women and new progress, someone’s man Moumou because of prostitution introduced, yesterday afternoon by the Beijing Chaoyang Court sentenced to 2 years imprisonment, fined 5000 yuan (see photo). At the same time, the court issued a judicial proposal to the H Hotel and home group, to recommend the hotel to find security loopholes in management, improve staff occupation accomplishment, develop corrective measures to eliminate potential safety problems. The hotel was attacked post event woman detonated circle of friends in April 3rd this year, Ms. Meng from Zhejiang to Beijing travel back to the night she lived in Jiuxianqiao 798 "H Hotel". Because the hotel needs to take the elevator by credit card, at this time there are other customers swipe, Ms. Meng did not dig out the card, another man with the elevator did not swipe. Ms. Meng arrived at the floor, as Ms. Meng from the bag for the room card when suddenly someone asked her to live in a room. Meng looked back and found that the man was just in the elevator did not swipe the man. Ms. Meng said with each other do not know, did not expect the man actually grabbed Ms. Meng, to be towed, Ms. Meng then fell to the ground. Meng recalled, fell to the ground after she took the opportunity to call the police with a cell phone, the black man robbed the phone did not succeed after the phone began to call 110. Ms. Meng said while taking advantage of each other to call the gap, ran to the elevator near the ready to escape, but was caught by the black man, dragged to the stairwell, Ms. Meng dispute but sat on the ground delay, shouting for help. Ms. Meng said, when she did not know each other shouting, and to other guests for help, waiting for people to gather up more men fled from the stairs. Ms. Meng said that after she see the hotel surveillance, before the man downstairs, see Ms. Meng after trailing it into the elevator, and observe Ms. Meng in the elevator, drag the whole process lasted about 5 minutes. After the incident, Ms. Meng left Beijing to go home, and did not get any reply to the hotel side, and then decided to announce the incident on micro-blog, causing concern, thereby promoting the problem solving. After the incident was released to the network, immediately attracted national attention, Beijing police attaches great importance to the establishment of the task force to carry out the work. After the incident, and we also held a press conference that this hotel, hotel management, security problems of customer service is not in place, the company responsible for the relevant people and bow to apologize to the public and the parties. The truth when the peer grab live dragging intention to drive the evening of April 7th at 9 am, the task force in Henan police with strong cooperation in Henan Province, the city will be arrested in the case of the man moumou. After Li Mou was escorted back to beijing. According Moumou account, and others engaged in a card trick prostitute prostitution Gang introduced illegal activities. The night of the incident, he went to the hotel issued a card trick prostitute, mistakenly thought that the woman is the "peer", the gang of illegal activities. Lee immediately and associates, and the female victim drag intention driven. After the revolt, the victim for help, he fled the scene. According to his confession, the police has four other suspects arrested and detention. October 21st, Moumou prosecution was prosecuted相关的主题文章: