Beijing – VIDEO – obsessed guy when police too into play as police detained handcuffs zibba

Beijing – VIDEO – obsessed guy when police too "into play" police handcuffed detainees disguised as we often say that life in the play, by acting. A few days ago, Anhui Chuzhou street, a twenty something guy, because the obsession with public security, into play too deep, think of yourself as a result of the real police, arrested. More than 3 points in the afternoon, to twelve and a half years County Water Town streets of a hotel in Chuzhou passenger transport workers master Chen, suddenly saw a uniformed man hurriedly rushed in. Subsequently, the police will be taken to the police station further investigation. On the basis of a high identity information, the national public security information inquiry system, the police found a police identity is actually a "fake". Through further inquiry, an account of the high he was obsessed with when the police, illegal use of police equipment and regret a previous mistake on their own without permission. Originally, a 22 year old guy high, Lushan Mountain in Henan County, workers in Jiangsu, was obsessed with the police, in order to make yourself look like a real cop, two months ago, a high in Taobao online to hundreds of yuan price, buy a SWAT style clothes and boots and a pair of handcuffs, since then to play the role of the police really.相关的主题文章: