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Birth is not born 2, expert advice is not wrong! Sohu on maternal and child health child, expert advice is: 1 there must be good laws, or money, or output, neither money nor power, then don’t fancy. 2 the husband must have reliable, self-motivated, love you pay, do not abandon your aging! 3 must have the money to make you capricious! You can meet the above three points at rest relieved to have two children, otherwise you do put their training into the female man’s preparation, and may at any time suffering from postpartum depression family broken ready! This year’s children: Mom, grandma, Grandpa and grandma to watch, Dad came home only online, not unfamiliar Street WeChat, not single divorce! This year when the mother is not easy ah! His father is as handsome as a single guy! But his hair everyday mess with the birds nest, washing the face with a gas, like the war, eat a meal with fast charge like a toilet, ears with radar like, give the baby to buy things and do not like money, take the baby out to move like hair, with case scene like sleep with, like the Chinese new year, the low IQ with duck’s egg like, high-heeled shoes with pure decoration like a wardrobe, thin to not own like, from the top of the agreed! Analysis too thoroughly, think about the birth of a child, how many of her husband and mother-in-law for mothers to be grateful, his job is you, you are raising children, and her mother quarrel is not filial children with you, not wrong or you, we as a group of children pay the biggest price, which here may seem extreme, decide on what path to follow? But the mothers have feelings, not to mention the mother did not help with the. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: