Changchun 2015 taxi oil supplement 21430.8 yuan since December 20th issue-drop dead diva

Changchun 2015 taxi oil supplement 21430.8 yuan from December 20th issued yesterday, the reporter learned from the Changchun local road transport authority, the year 2015 taxi oil supplement will be issued in December 20th. The enterprise should carry on November 18, 2016 U to the local disk Changchun Road Transportation Authority 315 room to receive subsidies in 2015 data, after review, in November 21, 2016 16 before reporting to local road transportation authority Changchun city room 315. Not according to the provisions of the time to receive and report the data of the enterprise, the implementation measures in accordance with the "Jilin province taxi integrity assessment (Trial)" to coordinate and maintain industry stability in organization projects are penalized, if the circumstances are serious, resulting in instability, corporate accountability responsibility according to law. For statistical purposes, the year 2015 (counted 360 days) normal operation of vehicles per 21430.80 yuan subsidies per month subsidy funds 1785.90 yuan, every 59.53 yuan subsidies and operating time of less than a month, payment of subsidy funds to the actual operation of the number of days shall prevail. From November 24, 2016 to December 13th as the taxi subsidy funds data publicity period, the city’s rental car companies and individual operators can Changchun information port login and Changchun City Transportation Bureau official website to query, but also to the Changchun Local Road Transport Management Bureau hospital publicity column query. December 20, 2016 by the Bank of Jilin to subsidize the one-time payment of subsidies to the object, holding the bank’s oil subsidy card subsidies can be directly to the Bank of Jilin outlets. The final deadline for the issuance of subsidy funds is: February 24, 2017. Overdue collar, as automatic waiver. In order to protect the subsidy object in time and in full to receive subsidies, the establishment of supervision Tel: 0431-87691234. Reporter Li Yan reports相关的主题文章: