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Chen Danqing: Chinese people do not mention the old national complex [Abstract] China has come to a time, is that we do not always China, of course, I do not like the world is always the world. Chinese is already a great power, and also has bid farewell to a completely isolated isolation condition, is a modern media era, the media has become the world because of the gap of regional and national does not exist, it can be said. It is the distance, different values, this system absolutely still, but the art is to do this thing, no matter which country is important in acting, in the painting, it is the expression of life experience, is that we are all human beings, the passions, this matter, and then find ways to express. I think China has finally started to have so many generations abroad. Before we all have a national complex, he finally attitude toward China, what is the attitude of the motherland, this era should say goodbye, a little stingy. Don’t always think about China, a German, a Dutchman, I’m not a Dutchman, I’m proud of Holland. This is his "literary memoirs" in the sense of childhood, is not to wear clothes, you don’t put on his body. I was a bit surprised when I talked to a friend that day. He said that I do all these things, that is, one day, my daughter can proudly say that I am chinese. He still did not pass this off, I politely say, it is too romantic. No one bully in our country, Chinese that before foreigners three low nine, the era of the past, behoove should I go out to play, you come to play. Last night I saw five French made stilts, like ghosts, another world like fairy like this, in Wuzhen at night on the street to walk in a circle, I was very moved. Because I believe they are more happy, you call me as a stilt, suddenly appeared in a Spanish town, I will be very excited. People do not have this concept, I am from France, I am proud of France, no, he is very happy. I saw a man in the alley, do not know which country or the Germans, Scandinavians, like a madman, said that there is not simply Chinese, he played one of the show, just like a crazy. He was very happy, he was in a country he did not know, he may come for the first time, but as long as he is a man in front of him, he completely crazy. Human nature is like this. Do we have the courage to go to any country in the world, sing the song that we sing to ourselves, and then enjoy ourselves?. We are always thinking about China, foreign countries, and then cultural exchanges, there is no such thing, we are all people, are bored, want to find excitement, spend a relatively boring night. (Chen Danqing) from the pick up culture WeChat public number (shiyafengshe), Tencent cultural cooperation media, unauthorized, please do not reprint.相关的主题文章: