China Pump Enterprises Should Speed Up The Technological Innovation-exit safe mode

Mr. Ji Mingzhu, the stationmaster of Hebei Supervision & Testing Center For Pump Quality, thinks that China pumps manufacturers should speed up the pace of technological innovation, to transform from low-cost .petition form to R & D-based enterprises, thereby to enhance the core .petitiveness of the whole industry. With the continuous development of market economy, the business idea and pumps market demand are changing, as well as the enterprise system. The core mission for each enterprise should be as below: trying best to adapt to current market demands and rapidly developing economy needs all over the world, and to develop pvc fitting marketable products. Besides through introducing high technology, it would be a magic key for success to restructuring and founding a new-type enterprise with modern management and superior philosophy. The rapid rise of joint-stock enterprises and private .panies in recent years fully illustrated this power motor , such as Shanghai Kaiquan, Tianjin Ganquan, Shanxi Tianhai, and Xinjie & Dayuan from south Zhejiang. These enterprises have formed the industry backbone of a new generation, showing a positive role in promoting development of China’s pump industry. And to join together with the original state-owned enterprises, they formed a solid framework for China’s pump industry. Facing the current situation of domestic market, the technical institute pumps is no vitality if they divorced from enterprise economy. Thus the slitting machine adoption for dumbbell theory is much important, in more precise, science and technology, and market planning is an organic whole, manufacturing link is just a duplication of labor process, so to strengthen the construction of two sides is particularly important. Besides, China manufactures need to do better in technics and manufacture level. Many Made-in-China generator products are very .petitive on quality for the worldwide market, but their value was discounted by the rough process craftwork, such as the appearance quality and design bag making machine . The craftwork of Made-in-China products still lags behind .paratively. In modern society, the .modity plastic valve economy is not only the simple functional demand, but also the perfect performance of artistic and culture. Therefore, manufactures should do better for the face cip performance of the .modity, not just simple painted cover. The appearance blow molding machine design should be beautiful and artistic that full of inspiration, thus, who buy the products will also get your culture that shows all your care and efforts. Above provided by SelectChina.. , and find more information on China Machinery News / China Machinery Manufacturers / China Machinery Products . 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