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family education | parent-child picture book tasting handmade children restless nature, strong curiosity, while touch here, while moving there, a moment not stop, parents often feel confused. In fact, a good move is the child in the exploration of knowledge and understanding of the outside world, in the course of action in children are constantly learning. Before the age of one year old baby in a completely independent state, they have no basic ability to act, what things have to rely on their mother, there is no mother or other parenting, children will be difficult to live. After one year old, the child will walk, the hands and feet are becoming more flexible, they began to do their own big action. This stage of the child’s self consciousness gradually enhanced, the majority of their behavior are autonomous behavior, because the interest will continue to try to do so, if Mom and dad on the child’s depression is too restrictive, they will be a big blow, for fear of possible children will be criticized, and stop the search and Study on the outside, after the children grow up, often not have their own thoughts and wishes, the character will slowly become timid, dare to try new things for any. A mother gave her three year old daughter Meng to kindergarten, midway will encounter a renovation of the road, then a few days, every day passing there, Meng Meng always bow, bend, squat little body, very carefully to find small stones. My mother saw the stones have a lot of soil, hastily called Meng Meng: "don’t pick up, you see how dirty ah!" Do not ignore the mother Meng, still looking around, met with small stones, like picked up the baby, holding up in his hand, and put it into his coat pocket. Later, the mother saw her so interested in picking up stones, will not bear to stop her, mother asked her daughter: "come, love these small stones? Mom and you together to pick up good, but you can tell mom, why do you pick up so many stones every day, one or two is not enough to play it?" See mother Meng joined her front face immediately clear up, she finally told her the answer. "Mom, I tell you, ah, I pick up a small stone is to prepare a small crow, pick up a lot of, put the bottle, the crow can come to drink water." "Oh, it will be his mouth at the crow stone, you may not need to retrieve it." Mother can not help but laugh. "My mother told me that," "the crow drinks water, not to say that the crow looked for a drink of water, very tired, I give it to pick up small stones, it will not be tired?" Meng Meng says seriously. Hear here, mom see light suddenly. We imagine that if the mother hard to stop her daughter to pick up stones, then she may have lost a chance to understand the child’s ideas. Children are happy to do something, and this way, they must have their own reason, perhaps is to explore their behavior, understanding this thing, then put them in the idea of pure painting operation相关的主题文章: