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G20 under the Green Revolution: the new energy vehicle industry in the tide of "Zhejiang scene" – Beijing, China News Agency, Hangzhou, September 7 (Fang Kunlinbo) the summer of September, the group of twenty (G20) leaders of the Hangzhou summit held in Zhejiang in Hangzhou. China and the United States in 3, the United Nations has to deposit the "Paris agreement" approved documents, once again let the world attention "the development of clean energy". G20 before the Hangzhou summit, a new batch of pure electric sprinkler, road sweeping car into a Hangzhou city street, pure electric bus nearly a "beautiful scenery" has delivered the operation in Hangzhou. The G20 summit in Hangzhou, guests from entering Hangzhou, boarded the electric shuttle the moment, with the "green new energy bonds. China News Agency reporter learned that during the summit, from reception, security to alert, logistics, mostly using new energy vehicles. In these new energy vehicles, "made in Zhejiang" landscape. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group as a representative of the manufacturing industry in Zhejiang, during the summit, a total of 330 working vehicles for the Hangzhou municipal government and the G20 Organizing Committee of the Hangzhou summit. "We established four research and development centers in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Goteborg and Coventry, the introduction of international first-class equipment and new manufacturing technology in manufacturing, the global synchronization of the industry production standards and quality control system, and is committed to the development of new energy vehicles." An Conghui, President of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, said Geely for many years to adhere to the spirit of the craftsman, so that it can show the world in the event of "made in Zhejiang" style. According to Geely’s strategy, future will be pure electric, plug-in hybrid and plug-in hybrid three techniques simultaneously, goal is to 2020 sales of new energy vehicles accounted for 90% of total sales, Geely will then from now on the fuel car company turned into a new energy automobile company. In addition to Geely, and a number of enterprises in Zhejiang – Zhejiang space electric car Dongfeng Automobile Limited by Share Ltd for green travel power G20 summit in Hangzhou, the 80 pure electric cars delivered to the Hangzhou City Department of transportation G20 Hangzhou summit security office; Zhejiang Baoqi automobile appliances intelligent, energy saving and environmental protection, high-tech and other characteristics of the pure electric vehicle logistics for the summit provide full logistics service; Zhejiang Chunfeng power Limited by Share Ltd self-developed spring motorcycle escort car, as the summit ambassador…… In addition, the reporter learned that, as G20 advocate green travel ideas, Hangzhou has invested a total of 22 thousand new energy vehicles, now West Lake and downtown buses have been replaced by pure electric bus. From the new energy vehicles, charging pile, pure electric buses, to the public and tourists favorite red car"…… In the "G20 Hangzhou moment", "made in Zhejiang" with "green, innovation, science and technology" to the world. Have to admit, in the increasingly stringent emission standards and the demand for the double attack, now all the countries in the world are seeking alternatives to fossil energy, Chinese in action. According to reports, in a series of policy support, China’s new energy automotive industry from small to large, production and sales from 200相关的主题文章: