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Harbin women’s Valentine’s day night victims were stabbed in many places – Sohu news scene. Northeast network reporter Wang Zhongyan scene of the incident. Northeast network reporter Wang Zhongyan photo northeast network February 15th news (reporter trainee reporter Wang Zhongyan Ge Jinxin later Yida) 15 am, Harbin city Huaihe road before the Gate No. 95 market stalls in the region, a woman was with lethal weapon damage, at present, the police are investigating the case. 15 morning, the reporter heard the news rushed to the scene to see, Harbin City, Huaihe Road No. 95 in front of the market stalls area was cordoned off, there are a number of security personnel in the near field. The stalls in the cordon were not open, and there was a bloodstain board on the ground beside the booth. According to the site of the incident near a fruit stand owner, on the 15 day at 8:10 PM, next to him (the) dressing stall female owners are ready to share, the stall in blood and bare arm. The woman owner shuddered to tell the owner of the fruit stall. Two people returned to the scene to see, a bloody woman was placed in a condiment booth, and covered with other objects. The woman’s hair is dyed, wearing a pink down jacket, wearing jeans, black shoes, lean body, age more than 30 years old. The fruit stall boss calls the police immediately. After the scene police officers confirmed that the woman has died. According to a fruit stand owner, the fruit stand 14 Business Hours to 21:30, 15 days Chutan began at about 7:30. The event may occur during this period. About 11, the dead woman was transported from the scene. At present, the police are investigating the case.

哈尔滨女子情人节之夜被害 身上多处被利器刺伤-搜狐新闻 事发现场。东北网记者 王忠岩 摄 事发现场。东北网记者 王忠岩 摄   东北网2月15日讯 (见习记者 迟亦达 记者 王忠岩 葛金鑫) 15日凌晨,哈尔滨市淮河东路95号门前一市场摊区内,一名女子被人用利器伤害致死,目前,警方正调查该案件。   15日上午,记者闻讯赶到现场看到,哈尔滨市淮河东路95号门前的一市场摊区被警戒线封锁,附近有多名治安人员在看守现场。在警戒线内的摊床没有营业,摊床旁的地上有一张带血迹的木板。   据事发地点旁一水果摊老板介绍, 15日8时10分许左右,他旁边调料摊床(事发地)女业主正准备出摊时,发现其摊床里有血迹并露出一只胳膊。这名女业主哆嗦着把事情告诉水果摊老板。两人回到现场一看,一名满身是血的女子被人放在调料摊床里并用其它物品遮挡住。该女子头发有染色,上身穿粉红色羽绒服,下身穿牛仔裤、黑皮鞋,体态偏瘦,年龄在30多岁。水果摊老板立即报警。   后经现场警务人员确认,该女子已经死亡。   另据一水果摊业主介绍,其水果摊14日营业时间到21时30分左右,15日7时30分左右开始出摊。该事件可能发生在这个期间。   11时左右,死亡女子被运离现场,   目前,警方正在对该案件进行侦办中。相关的主题文章: