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Blogging-Rss Blog .ment system itself is actually a good feedback system, but if abused, it can produce a lot of adverse consequences. Each a little fame Blogger almost always encounter the malicious .ments and even personal attacks, but how to deal with the treatment, there are a lot of different points of view. Obviously, the people of the fifties, the current Internet culture is strange, this network eighties style a loss, so they adopted an evasive way to exit the network, is actually declaring its own failure. Malicious .ments and personal attacks in the network is a very .mon phenomenon, the vast majority of personal attack is only one driving force, that is jealousy. The source of jealousy is in.petent and narrow-minded, is a self-closing mentality, the attack most of those who do not have much knowledge and ideas, but it can be done to see who is biting who, to arrest who Mashui, justified to criticize, not reasonable to have to criticize, Of course, the premise is a you must curse celebrity. Despite keen personal attacks are always high-sounding name of the guise of the .ments, but anyone can see through a personal attack by intent is not .ment in the attack, they deliberate departure from the article (a few left naked and articles start point personal) , the end is indeed the author of the article. Most of their tactics is s real, deliberately confuse; taken out of context, maliciously distorted article meant to mislead the reader has not been carefully read and attempt to create resonance. What is more, brazenly wanton abuses. A lot of people interested in the situation at a loss, and some take evasive ostrich policy, some name calling and attacks by, but, if such a thing is not re-occur on the network, but in reality, Is this choice will produce a similar doubt it? The scene in real life: if one day, all of a sudden a stranger broke into your home, you loud verbal abuse and insults, then you will be how to do? Pretended not to hear? Recrimination and uninvited guests? No! The correct approach is to him kicked out. Since the online world is part of the social life, you should follow some ethical rules in the real world. Hong Kong Jade, for example, often play a public service ad, the discussion should the sake of discussion, not the person, and trying to relate to other people’s point of view, in order to get others with .mon things done. Network, why some people can not own merits discussion it? There is a theory called the "broken window effect. Said: if someone broke the glass windows of a building, the windows and the lack of timely maintenance, others may be affected by the connivance of certain implied to smash windows glass, with the passage of time, The atmosphere of this public apathy, the worse crime infested and prosperity, and finally be.e .pletely unmanageable. .ments for malicious if not properly handled, it will form a "broken window effect", an original discussion of environmental degradation flooded by attacks environment, causing distress to a large number of other visitors, and disgusted. So, I think the personal attacks of malicious .ments should be deleted the first time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: