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In addition to Hu Ge, the ancient male god who? Louis Koo and Qiao Zhenyu! Sohu entertainment recently pulls out some ten years ago the ancient costume, childhood memories in my mind immediately. That’s all what other who has everyone’s childhood costume male god? 1 "Yang Guo Louis Koo" The legend of Condor Hero, his lonely wild, rebellious wit, emotion, passion, anger, and the "West" mad, impulse to do his own hard to control. There are many confidante, only to master Helen of Troy, and married couples; and as the number of Guo Jia en resentment, because of misunderstanding of tension, but always to help them lift the rift, gas and ill fated, and Helen of Troy separated; sixteen years, accompanying mentor Condor, make a living away from home, for man anyway, the so-called "Condor man". Finally see the dragon, red dragon with abandon, All sufferings have their reward., return to the tomb.. 2 Julian Cheung "the Eagle Shooting Heroes" Julian Cheung’s "Guo Jing" was stupid but diligent, grew up in Mongolia, and "we first worship zhebie Jiangnan" for the study of Wu Yi. After Master Hongqi and Huang Rong encounter Gaibangbangzhu, dragon acquisition North beggar Master Hongqi’s palm, Zhou Botong before and after the eighteen martial arts and lost in the arena of human resource configurations, so Wu Yi was diligent. 3 Vincent Chiao "Li flying" Li Xunhuan is a clear Confidante dumping world amorous rakehell, a heavy Shigeyoshi tragic hero, life is physical and mental suffering, but not easily display the passions, complex emotions by using eye contact performance. From a literary family, seven scholars, father and son were third ", is the Ming Dynasty Zhu Jian of Chenghua Tanhua Lang, because Hu Yunji was played on impeachment, to resign. In the political arena, with its flying stunt Baixiao born a weapon spectrum column third. 4 Jimmy Lin, Alec Su Jiang Xiaoyu and the US "twins" is a pair of twin brothers, and the US is Yihuagong person, is also the only man palace, and the appearance was "the best in all the land beautiful man" and "Yu Lang" Yan long as like as two peas. A hand pick the flowers jade "magical martial arts martial arts to fellow or respect or admire deeply. Small fish is a mouth hard softhearted, with a warm and kind heart, said the little fish adopted by ten evil erengu, often claimed as "the best in all the land of smart people". From the blood by hand to kill Du anassassin, on the surface of the body is full of scars spread all across in confusion. Left eye to mouth. There is a long scar, but is not a bit ugly, but there is an indescribable charm, which saw his woman will not forget him. Intelligence, master of medicine, theft, deception, disguise, and even cooking is unique in the world. 5 Nicky Wu "Xiao Lang eleven" Liancheng wall is a "rogue, rich, uninhibited personality, love of family, female, is also the wife of Shen Bijun, Lian Cheng Bi, the disparity between family background and personality, two people for a long time after the unrequited love, but also because the eleven Lang for knife guard family the deer knife, assigned to protect all people which is hamstrung by Liancheng Bi, Chengbi, twists and turns, the final with Shen Bijun. 6 Qiao Zhenyu "snow".相关的主题文章: