Jiaxing 1 site dug more than 20 pounds of bombs of World War II heavy tail has been completely broke coinwatch

Jiaxing 1 site dug more than 20 pounds of bombs of World War II heavy tail has completely broken Times reporter Wang Feifan correspondent Zhang Yue Shen Xiaofeng yesterday at 11 o’clock, Pinghu City, Jiulong Mountain Pu bridge construction site, five or six construction workers are digging, suddenly, excavator bucket to make a dull sound, obviously hit hard. The workers thought that dug what baby, surrounded by bare hand planing soil, soon dug up the size of a thermos bottle of iron lump, covered with rust. "Know" the site for a moment at Mr. Pan, scared the feet are weak: "oh! Like a bomb, don’t move!" After receiving the alarm, Pinghu fire brigade and the public security department and other departments rushed to the scene, in case of accidents, ordered on-site workers to stop and take warning to the surrounding. Public security professionals after viewing after the preliminary determination, this is one of the bombs dropped during World War II, more than 20 pounds of heavy tail, has been completely broken. Near misses, experts finally ruled out the possibility of the bomb explosion, then bomb by fire and police security personnel away from the scene, sent to the special treatment, the danger was completely excluded. Pinghu Zhapu Jiulong Mountain area during World War II has encountered the Japanese attack, will not have underground bomb? Site also continue to work." Mr. Ban can not be worried. Pinghu fire reminder: with the acceleration of city construction, some long buried underground abandoned shells have been dug up in the construction, if again found such dangerous goods, must promptly notify the fire department, not without authorization.相关的主题文章: