Leaving the key club The push for rehabilitation work-whereisip

Leaving the KEY club? Before the devil was pushed for work, known as the king Aji Jun hospitalized because of heart disease affects the hearts of countless fans. Later, after the success of the operation, the great devil did not forget to send condolences to fans on twitter with the same two tone as before. Today (September 7th), the Lord of the devil on twitter on drying out his own diagnosis, said he has been fully recovered, but also attached to their own contact, fancy work. The big devil posted his own diagnosis, proving that his body was fully functional. He even posted his own connection on twitter. It looks like the big devil really needs work. In this regard, many fans hope that the big devil can take a rest: "should have a good rest, what work will come."." "Just finish the surgery soon, don’t rush to work, want to be a healthy big devil!"." However, Aji Jun’s direct job on twitter also made fans very confused: "KEY does not want the big devil?"" "Why are you looking for jobs on twitter?"" "Work will come, big devil or take care of your body."!"