Media industry, the rise of new forces and the whole industry chain is characterized by the future

The media industry of animation: the rise of new forces and the characteristics of the whole industry chain is the future of securities issued in September 30th the media industry research report, summary of the report are as follows: 1. With the Chinese animation industry growth, Chinese animation industry integration has become a new trend of the animation industry chain: IP is the source of value creation, the series with all aspects of the animation industry is the core. The animation industry. The animation around the image of the IP produced drama, toys, theme parks and other derivatives are the most profitable point of the animation industry. With the continuous development of China’s animation industry, China’s animation industry presents three new features: the continuous development of the derivatives market, the transformation of animation film and television to the whole age, and the integration of industry and investment. An important resource for the domestic animation industry leading enterprises have started to seize the high-quality IP, influential animation platform, excellent animation film and television production companies, animation industry mergers and acquisitions investment event a substantial increase in the number of animation industry resource integration tide triggered at any moment. In the "new media demand + + policy driven animation industry a huge space for development: with the income level of residents in our country continue to improve, people’s cultural consumption expenditure will continue to rise. Since childhood animation has become the main consumer after 90, the demand for animation products to further improve. The development and popularization of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet has led to a large number of new media channels, a large number of new media channels will accelerate the spread of animation, animation industry has become a new driving force for the development of. In recent years, the national animation industry support policies introduced gradually, "13th Five-Year" planning outline plans to the animation industry, the construction of cultural industry as a pillar industry of the national economy. The growing demand for animation, new media continue to emerge, the policy support will bring broad prospects for the development of animation industry. In the 2016 semi annual report shows the new board animation company whole company some bright spots: from the semi annual report released in 2016 data, although the overall new three animation company operating income over the same period in 2015 there is a certain increase, but the overall revenue size, profitability, profit smaller. Semi annual report published in the 55 companies, there are 24 in the first half of 2016 at a loss, there are less than the same period in 2015 net profit of the parent company in the same period in, part of the animation company has a greater dependence on government subsidies. At the same time, the new board of animation’s first half performance polarized, revenues in the first half of the top ten enterprises accounted for 78.16% of the total revenue of all animation companies, animation companies scale differences, there is still a part of the company’s new three panel highlights animation company. For example, the first half operating income and net profit of up to one billion hundred million of Huaqiang infante (834793.OC), net profit growth of 1546.98% in the "animation IP+ mobile animation platform operators Tong Shi network (833377.OC).相关的主题文章: