Motuo master legend cook stone into rice verify the power of Dharma (Figure) stellarium

Motuo master legend: cook stone into rice verify the power of Dharma (Figure) the stone cooked food (source: information) to concentrate on impurity Motuo master legend, past a mountain in Anhui Province, called "Motuo mountain", the origin of the mountain’s name, because there is a teacher from the father in the temple, he received only a disciple of the disciple, handsome, and good, looks like not very intelligent, but on the contrary, the teacher taught him the father taught Scripture, the previous sentence, forget the sentence, teach the sentence, and forget the previous sentence. The teacher’s father was very careful and patient to teach him. Then have no choice but to teach him to read "namo Buddha, Amitabha". However, after a few months, he still read six words of Buddha is not complete, so the master said: "you read two words" Amitabha "." The disciple or read is not good, "Amitabha" read "Motuo". The teacher father received only the disciples, but the rest of the year to teach or no progress, he feel downhearted, angrily went wandering down the mountain. On the hill, only the disciple lives alone. After half a year, the teacher heard Father Hill downtown pest, what plants are eaten by worms, even the grass grows up, the teacher father was worried, thinking: My disciples may starve to death, he hurried to visit Tian temple. The stone was made into a meal. The teacher, the father, saw that his disciples were taller than before, and he was white and fat. The master asked his disciples, "there is no food in the mountains. There is no food. What do you eat? Why are you so strong?" The disciple said: "only Motuo", "Motuo". The parent teacher is very disappointed, I thought: leave the first half of the year, you even "Amitabha" or read "Motuo", even if you read "Motuo", Motuo does not become food for you to eat. The teacher asked the father, "what food do you eat?" The disciples still kept saying: "Motuo, Motuo". The teacher father don’t understand, so his disciples pointed to a pile of white stone, the stone shining, he took a fire with Guchinabe Ko, put the stone on the inside cook, mouth constantly saying "Motuo", until the water was opened, and the stone also cooked. The disciples respectfully served the master with a bowl of food in the pot. It is a stone, even a bowl of boiled slightly yellow color, nice food, feel very strange teacher father, he tried to bite, such as taro like soft and loose delicious. After eating the whole body light security, half a year to go around the fatigue is also eliminated, the face of the spring breeze. The teacher is the father moved to say: "the apprentice! You only read" Motuo "has been read out to the Motuo……." Then, the temple name changed to "Motuo Temple", the mountain was also named "Motuo mountain", later known as the disciple of master Motuo. The legend of Motuo mountain stone can cure all diseases, decades later, this monastery flourished, when Motuo master to die, he the whole mountain with a pot of water poured, the mountain stone covered with herbs, resistance are very effective, can cure people.相关的主题文章: