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"Pornographic video hurt teenagers" — Nora case trial Watch – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September 9: "pornographic video hurt teenagers" — Nora and Wang Xin and others suspected of illegal crime of dissemination of pornographic materials case trial watch the Xinhua News Agency reporter Xiong Lin Jia Na 9, 9:35, concern our company, Wang Xin suspected of the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials in the city of Beijing Haidian District people’s court hearing. This is the 8 trial in January 7, 2016, after the first case of the case of the Japanese public hearing of the second. The key evidence in the case – Nora was sealed 4 servers are "pollution"? Wang Xin, who was suspected of disseminating pornographic acts on the existence of subjective intent? The defendant Nora company and Wang Xin, who should be punished? The trial focused on several issues above focus. Key evidence – is the 4 servers were sealed by pollution? According to the allegations, Beijing City People’s Procuratorate of Haidian District in November 18, 2013, Beijing Cultural Committee of Haidian District in Haidian District Beijing wanglian Optical Technology Co. Ltd. Nora seized 4 servers. After the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau extracted 29841 video files from the 3 stations were identified, identified as a pornographic video files for the 21251. The first hearing, Wang Xin and others suggest that there are significant flaws, seized 4 servers custody procedures, the original data can be damaged, the identification of samples of doubtful authenticity. After the trial, the court commissioned the national information center of electronic data forensic Center for 4 servers and storage content for testing. At the scene of the trial, deputy director of the National Information Center, deputy director of the center for the identification of electronic data Wang Xiaoqiang as a judge in court. He said that the identification of the main contents of the system log on the remote login through the IP (Internet address) test, which confirmed that the 4 IP server login. At the same time, the existing qdata 4 servers (a class file suffix, equivalent to word document suffix DOC) file attributes and system log for technical analysis, not found in November 18, 2013 are from the outside to copy into or modify traces. Wang Xin, who was suspected of disseminating pornographic items intentionally subjective? The first hearing, Wang Xin and other 4 defendants were said to "yellow content Nora did not go". In view of this justification, the court, the prosecutor presented the court of Shenzhen Nanshan District radio and Television Bureau in August 5, 2013 law enforcement video screenshot on Nora’s survey. At the scene, law enforcement officers login account by Nora, Nora "super radar" in the "VIP free plug" function, "pin" will be inserted in the map on the "Nantou" area in the 8 position, resources, law enforcement officers click "Hongfa Furniture" resources, part of the show broadcast on containing pornographic images. Evidence shows that throughout the law enforcement process, Nora Huang Yong, deputy general manager of the company and the division of the division and the director of marketing, the case of the defendant’s cattle are present. Niu Wenju on the inspection results.相关的主题文章: