Postpartum staylace really thin abdomen discharge lochia Too silly too naive! Sohu –

Postpartum staylace really thin abdomen discharge lochia? Too silly too naive! Sohu – mother unloaded, don’t say the first thing about it, the 789 thing, you are not thinking, thinking thin abdomen, to restore the body? Then it is not ready to put the idea, hit the "magic" staylace? According to legend, the market that the thief expensive staylace, has a thin abdomen, help discharge lochia, and prevent visceroptosis magical effect, it is necessary confinement, a housekeeper… So the question is, is this real? Vs heard the "medical bellyband staylace" in fact, the doctor will give some pregnant women with body, but that is the medical bellyband told us that "staylace" is not the same. Yes, to look for the "medical" word. The medical bandage, which belongs to a medical appliance, there are stringent design specifications and the scope of application, it usually used after abdominal surgery patients, mainly in order to avoid the fixed physical activity (such as cough, laughter) increased abdominal pressure, but also to avoid pulling the wound, wound dehiscence, wound healing and helps relieve pain. Careful partners will find that "for patients after abdominal operation in use at this point, that is to say, not only for pregnant women with medical bellyband. Even if it’s a C-section, not everyone needs to use it. In general, the doctor only in special cases (abdominal incision dehiscence, rectus abdominis separation, etc.), so that patients use. Also, there are limits on medical bellyband using time, generally in clinic, using up to 12 hours a day. Medical bellyband is pure cotton cloth, on both sides of a multi zone, below to the breast and pubic. The common market staylace will be shorter, and we care about, understand the market, usually buy "staylace", [] is clothing products, with the abdomen, but the thin abdomen effect… I don’t believe in my heart… There are other things, really, don’t think too much… Here to focus on. "A" magic corset belt called can lay half of the country in a short period of time, due to its magic boast, slightly classified under the following categories: > > > > 1, to help restore the body quickly after birth (oh…) At best staylace abdomen, but not thin abdomen. It depends more on abdomen to tighten the "shaping" visual effect. Yes, it’s a visual effect, because fat is not lost. Fat cell liquidity is good, with a corset belt, looked thin, but solved, fat or in the… The fat place is still so fat… Postpartum recovery of the bright road: Breastfeeding + reasonable diet + Exercise + regular exercise. > > > > 2, accelerate the discharge of lochia (backfire…) Lochia this stuff, even if you do not have the corset belt, it will still row row, in general, lochia drain takes 4-6 weeks, you use a staylace, it will make the cycle. What’s more, the corset belt is too tight, may lead to increased abdominal pressure affect the normal blood flow, but also affect the improper use of lochia discharge… )相关的主题文章: