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A   color change "beauty; but five days" Hair Coloring Tragedy — fashion — if you want to walk in the forefront of fashion, you must try to dye a hair suction eye. Have a gradient color or color disc hair, even the most delicate makeup, wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans, fashion sense will be bursting. Such as the red Korean makeup artist PONY has recently been promoted to the "Hair Coloring spree", from purple to pink gradient gradient, then to powder blue gradient, she wore the hair teach riotous with colour makeup, have the following comments: "hair color is beautiful", "I want this kind of hair". Magic Hair queen Pony picture transfer network like Hair Coloring people often encounter hair less than a week after the fade, so beautiful hair keep no more than five days. So some people ask why PONY, the color of her hair had so long so bright, then the answer is, "the answer is very simple, I often Hair Coloring". It seems the beauty God for Hair Coloring fade problems are at a loss what to do — because the reason of hair dye after fade seems almost impossible to avoid: first, more than 80% of the hair is due to fade caused by flushing shampoo. Hair Coloring via shampoo, swimming, or rain, let your hair with water, each section of Mao Lin piece that gap due to water absorption and expansion, up to 20% more space than the original gap, it will prompt the dye molecules easily escape and fade. Secondly, the sun and other environmental factors will also cause hair dye after the dye molecule splits into smaller volume, smaller size of the color of these molecules either lost or loss of hair dyeing, since Lin in the film, will cause the hair to fade after dyeing. But can’t you keep your hair in order to keep it up for a long time? Do we have to be like PONY 35 from time to time to dye a hair in order to keep the hair shiny and moving? No In fact, you can have a better solution! Magic Hair queen Pony picture transfer network you can use special color hair care products to reduce hair Lin slice gap water expansion effect, reduce the dye molecules from the gap in the probability of loss, such as plant hair experts from France Fu green know "protection and de fixation", focus on hair internal nursed back to health, Yingcai color protection shampoo and Yingcai fixation can make the membrane after dyeing hair color, and enhance hair gloss, make hair shine with dazzling light. Sulfate free prescription can reduce the degree of fading in the hair shampoo process in Yingcai Color Protecting Shampoo, hair gentle pH5.5 close to the pH value can be gentle care hair, skin and eyes, reduce irritation. At the same time, it is rich in natural hamamelis essence to protect hair color, prolong the residence time; natural soybean extract, repair damaged hair and lock the hair color after dyeing, strengthen the color protection effect, combined with natural plant extracts from fruity, fresh and pleasant. Fiona Crawford green Yingcai color protection shampoo 200 ml RMB 218 green color solid color – Fu in the essence of soybean Essence Mask conditioning hair repair and depth restructuring, improve hair quality, help hair against injury. )相关的主题文章: