Ran a red light! Just because his wife sat in the driver to say a word soulseek

Ran a red light! Just because his wife to drive more than one sentence to say what is the most afraid of driving? Traffic jam? Of course not, fear most is the copilot’s wife stop complaining. A foreign web site to do a similar survey this year showed that couples become each other’s "worst copilot" love in each other when driving backseat driver… Do you feel the same? Last night a friend drove his wife sitting in the copilot, the results did not hold back, the red light! Why not the wife sit copilot many friends said, now as long as the wife sat copilot, trembling heart does not love to drive. Because a car wife would say: how no overtaking, do not line, why have so tight, you slow down ah, teach you don’t open, and so on. It seems that we all agree that the wife should not take the copilot. The man sat copilot as nagging in fact, a lot of the driver said her husband to sit copilot too nagging. "To hit the lights change before, how do you remember? You are a pig!" "the direction of play ah, so close, rub live how to do?" "sit in my car will only slow down slowly, to turn on or turn said slowly, sometimes leave then Lane let me turn away, you can’t drive it so much." Do not drive his wife adults drive. Affect the feelings of two couples! Rational look everyone love preaching Department of psychology teacher told us that people are always fond of teaching others, love others to show their guidance and education, it is no matter who, as long as in the passenger seat is the root cause of nagging. In the view of the driving school coach Li Dongyang, was in the passenger seat will be more nagging, because the driver and the copilot angles. Illegal preaching also careful zuisui provoke catastrophe in fact, really quite talkative in danger on the copilot. A lot of drivers will miss the exit because of the driver’s nagging, mistakenly stepped on the gas and brewing miserable. Police said: "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" article seventy-seventh "take the vehicle shall comply with the following provisions: motor vehicle, shall not interfere with driving, shall not be any part of the body out of the car, not the relevant provisions of the jump". But most of the cases are conflicts within the family, the traffic police department can not direct evidence for punishment, but the harm is still quite large, nagging, easy to distract the driver, causing the driver to open the emotional car, affecting the traffic safety.相关的主题文章: