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Real Madrid Lavon prepared B plan failed to dig into a Zal’s sports Sohu – may Zidane   O Zal: I would like to Zizou diverged after making list in Zidane and Florentino, Buddha hoping to sign Lavon, and said Zal is a Zidane first choice signings. But now two people have different opinions and methods, the "contract net" said Wahl Di became Real Madrid striker ‘s spare, if Lavon can’t come, you can sign a Zidane to Zal, but also agreed with the Belgian oral nanzhengbeizhan zidane. In order to deal with the real Benzema in the future may intensify and signings rhythm to be chained and thrown into prison, again by FIFA against Lewandowski, Neymar, Aguero penalty, morata striker are on the list of signings etc.. The introduction of Neymar whether it is difficulty or the transfer fee of the Buddha is very tricky. Prior to Real Madrid expressed willingness to give Lavon 18 million euros after tax annual salary, Poland striker and Bayern contract negotiations are not smooth, but the Bundesliga class tyrants once refused to put people, attitude will be unusually resolute. And Aguero is willing to stay for Guardiola, Morata is willing to return to Real Madrid is still unknown. And the contract network pointed out: Real Madrid only need to pay 50 million euros to sign Vardi, although England striker and Leicester city has just signed up to 2019, but Vardi’s future career want to go up a new level, joining Real Madrid is an ideal choice. And the price is much cheaper than Lavon and Neymar. After a Zal effect is still in France, Zidane to appreciate. But, Zal also said in an interview to zizou. "When I was a kid, I used to watch the highlights of Zidane’s play before television. He was an artist and I was willing to play for him. But now I have nothing to do with Real Madrid. In Chelsea, I had a great time." (Bourbon) 皇马挖莱万失败备好B计划 阿扎尔愿成齐祖麾下-搜狐体育  阿扎尔:我愿为齐祖踢球   齐达内此前在和弗洛伦蒂诺制作引援名单时出现了分歧,佛爷希望能够签约莱万,而齐祖则表示阿扎尔才是引援的首选。不过如今两人不同的意见有了中和的方法,《签约网》表示瓦尔迪成了皇马锋线引援备胎,如果莱万不能来,齐祖则可以努力签下阿扎尔,而比利时人也口头同意愿意随齐祖南征北战。   皇马为了应对未来本泽马可能锒铛入狱,而且加紧引援节奏以防再次遭到FIFA处罚,莱万多夫斯基、内马尔、阿奎罗、莫拉塔等前锋都上了引援榜单。而引进内马尔无论是难度上还是转会费上都对佛爷来说很棘手。此前皇马表示愿意为莱万开出1800万欧元的税后年薪,波兰射手也和拜仁续约谈判并不顺利,但是德甲班霸一旦拒绝放人,态度将异常坚决。而阿奎罗则愿意留队为瓜迪奥拉效力,莫拉塔是否愿意回皇马还是个未知数。   而《签约网》指出:皇马只需要支付5000万欧元就能签下瓦尔迪,虽然英格兰射手刚刚和莱斯特城续约到2019年,但是瓦尔迪未来职业生涯想要更上一层楼,加盟皇马是个理想的选择。而身价也要比莱万和内马尔等人便宜得多。   此前阿扎尔还在法甲效力是,齐达内就对其颇为欣赏。而阿扎尔在接受采访时也表示愿意为齐祖踢球。“当我还是个孩子时,我就在电视前经常看齐达内踢球的集锦,他就是个艺术家,我愿意为他踢球。不过现在我和皇马没有任何关系,在切尔西,我过得很好。”   (波本)相关的主题文章: