Sina sports news review, October 9th 8

Sina sports news review in October 9th 8 when sina sports at the foot of Uzi in case of disaster star referee Orangemen against FC Uzbekistan, by Sri Lankan law enforcement referee Parreira. In the Parreira law enforcement competition, the Chinese team record is only 1 wins and 5 losses. In this year’s U23 Yaqingsai, Syria Olympic and the battle of life and death is Parreira palm whistle, the game he was awarded Syria a penalty, and the Olympic goalkeeper sent off dujia. The world cup in Germany 3-0 victory over Czech Beijing time on October 8th, the 2018 World Cup European zone qualifying match of the day second group C a focus on war to compete for Germany in Hamburg, the people’s Park Stadium against the Eastern European giants Czech, the final 3 to 0 victory over the opponent home court. Thomas Mulemei opened two degrees, cross harvest goals. The German team wins the world leader in the preliminaries standings. Pierce: "no problem between the Wizards shortly before the Wizards star Wall said there are some problems between himself and Bradley Bill:" I think we all have a lot of time there are some bad trend, we have not love each other." But recently played for the Wizards veteran Pearce said in an interview, and not what rift between Bill and wolfgang. The Italy boss rebuked Pelle alive preliminaries in Italy and Macedonia before the match, Luneng striker Pele was excluded from the list, at the press conference, Italy coach Ventura said, Paley behavior unacceptable. What is the cause of a world cup in Italy 1-1 Spain, refused to Pelle were changed when shaking hands with Ventura, he is also in the other teammates before you left the stadium. The A- star Ladd in 2016 the net net finals over second women’s singles semi-final, former champion A- radwanska 7-6 (3) 6-3 Lectra Ukraine teenager J Vito Lina, again after a lapse of five years into the net finals, will be held tomorrow (October 9th) 16:30 and earlier cut hole tower for this year’s net champion.相关的主题文章: