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Southern black sesame paste on the black list has not yet responded that the total southern black sesame paste in response to "black list" is not the product of the total JINGWAH Times News (reporter Hu Xiaohong) before the National Day holiday on the Jiangxi provincial food and Drug Administration sampling unqualified products "Southern black sesame paste, black list in October 5th finally a note that said in response to this, the company has to recall products hundreds of bags, but not on the total amount of the product details to make further disclosures. In September 28th, the food supervision and inspection of products of Jiangxi province food and drug administration official website announced the unqualified information display, 3 batches of southern black sesame paste failed due to the total number of colonies, coliform bacteria exceed the standard, respectively: Southern black sesame black sesame paste brand Jiangxi southern black sesame produced by Food limited liability company (Hong Zaowei) (production date, 2015-10-20) Southern black sesame black sesame paste card (production date 2015-10-27) of coliform bacteria exceed the standard, southern black sesame brand black sesame paste (sugar free) (production date 2016-1-6) the total number of colonies exceed the standard. This newspaper has reported the matter in October 5th, and questioned as a listed company, the parent company of the above products, the southern black sesame group Limited by Share Ltd did not disclose the number of issues and recall of the product. October 5th the same day, the southern black sesame group in its official website released a description of the situation. The description shows that the company was informed in June 6th this year, the product was sampling unqualified. The company said, in June 6th Jiangxi immediately conduct market investigation, to June 19, 2016, a total recall of 360 grams of red dates taste of black sesame paste (production date 2015-10-20) 56 bags, 600 grams of black sesame paste (sugar free) (production date 2016-1-6) 19 bags, 360 grams of black sesame paste (production date 2015-10-27) 79 bags. Southern black sesame paste product is not the first failed inspection, in January this year, the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration in the official bulletin information bulletin 2015 sampling supervision of food safety in Beijing City, southern black sesame paste of 5 batches of products have been found coliform bacteria exceed the standard, the company later issued a letter of apology letter under the pressure of public opinion. > > ask whether the 1 question product recall? Southern black sesame paste total recall of only more than and 100 bags. But for the total problem of the products in the end is how much, where sales area, the amount listed and sold quantity respectively is how much, these problems in the case did not mention. In other words, the question whether the product has been recalled unknown. But there are media reports: in October 2nd, the reporter saw at the Nanchang Darunfa Castle Lake store, black sesame paste (sugar free) (production date 2016-1-6) is still on the shelves, no shelves. 2 whether to disclose the recall information to consumers? For the southern black sesame group, its awareness of the product has been 4 months, and now the market is still a problem to continue selling products. State Food and Drug Administration issued since September last year, the implementation of the food recall management theory相关的主题文章: