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Fitness-Equipment For most of us keeping happy when we are in agony or in pain due to the loss of a loved one, or constant failure, may seem impossible.However, when we understand the fact that true happiness doesnt .e from this materialistic world but from the spirit within us and our aptitude to experience our spirit, it be.es possible for us to remain happy in every circumstance that we .e across. When we attain such ability, we be.e spiritually enlightened. Most of us do not or say are unable to listen to their inner or true self and allow their conscious mind to be.e predominant and thus spend their lives pursuing happiness. They usually believe that happiness is always around them and they are just one step away from it. They think that they just need to achieve one certain thing or over.e a particular hurdle, and they will achieve happiness, only to realize that happiness eludes them every time they are seemingly close to it. We all must be aware of the fact that happiness or joy belongs neither to the past nor to the future but now to this moment. So, believe in yourself, listen to your mind and soul and you will soon experience happiness that is ecstatic and eternal. Life is a journey where we tend to discover who we are. It can be full of difficulties and hurdles at one point of time and may be wonderful, beautiful at the other. However, your journey can be beautiful and pleasing all the while only if we stop fighting with life and just flow with it. Even if you are undergoing emotional turmoil, you got to realize that it’s a trained reaction, which if you don’t pay heed to, you can relax and live life peacefully. When we realize our true self, we realize that everything that is here has always been there and this realization makes life all the more beautiful. For us the journey should not be important, it is the realization that journey is a part of the vast ocean that holds true significance. So, open yourself up and just be what you are. Possibly you may soon discover who you are, who you’ve always been, and who you will always be. In the journey of spiritual enlightenment, there is nothing much we can do. Life keeps on unfolding and we are simply the witness to it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: