The child is too obedient, is the parents too failed – Sohu maternal and child huangshexiaoshuo

The child is too obedient, parents too failed – maternal mother of six Rolls Royce | Sohu author Kay Shu said kaishushuo parents, hate not the child will eat the bitter life by tired for, since not for, I hope your life experience to them, to help them a little less detour or but stop and think, detours, can be more valuable than free? Maybe our parents can also try to be brave, let the children go its own way, the child personally experienced, will be more reliable, at the same time, children can also harvest their desired scenery, not very good? A few days ago, we received a message from the background: "all understand the truth, but now even on primary school children to see how many words, how many English words. Everything I do is good for the child, but he is not obedient, do not study hard, how to do?" "Everything I do is for you." "You have to be obedient." It sounds so familiar? Almost all parents, are willing to contribute money to children, taoxintaofei. Children do not obey, really should not. Can fine a thought, and feel as if. When we are young, "obedient" like a curse, the parents of the "good intentions" weary — let us out to play with their parents, as early as the late report; what to wear by the mother to choose what to cram in collocation; listen to mother arrangements; some sleep up to provisions, what kind of friends are the parents say…… These tyranny, often with a "you will understand, all for your good" end. We are lost, sad, rebellious, dark determined not to treat their children in the future. But one day, when we become parents, how many parents began to ask the children to obey, to teach children to develop way — we want you to see people who love it, reading, dancing, quiet and obedient, why do you not on the road? Mom and Dad eat more salt than you eat rice, we are so hard, not all for your good…… Obedient children, really have a happy life? Every parent, I hope the children can take a detour, happy life. But good childhood, but after happiness and success and not too much. To a large extent, let the child obedient, just to meet the parents’ desire to control. I have a student achievement is very good, but her parents always ask her to do better, the daily study life, everything in the parents to master. Results a little back, the parents scolded disobedient, not in accordance with the provisions of the time to implement. The students in school all the way, all kinds of certificates to get soft, is typical of other people’s children. She often because we are out of contact with anyone, do not want to make friends with her, her mother will feel that we are holding her back. After graduation, she settled in a foreign country, do not go home for the holidays, the circle of friends wrote, "the most beautiful pursuit of a lonely bird, that is free to fly freely in the sky". Such -相关的主题文章: