To Celebrate The20 Anniversary Of The Establishment Of A Pack Of Andam-9c8947

Arts-and-Entertainment French brand "Longchamp" Longchamp in .memoration of France and the global fashion industry to promote new for the purpose of the ANDAM ( Association Nationale pour le D veloppement chanel sale bags des Arts de la Mode E ) was established 20 years, dedicated and selected by ANDAM ANDAM Fashion Award all previous winners — Jeremy Scott, Charles Anastase and double design portfolio Bless cooperation, will be their unique avant-garde design ideas into Longchamp ace Le Pliage folding package, Le Pliage folding bag made of the classic fashion into the trend of daily necessities symbol! The 3Le Pliage folding bag series, will be around November in the specified Longchamp shop sale. By Desiree Heiss and Ines chanel wallets for sale Kaag Bless Le Pliage design .bination of" folding" concept to the limit. Their works in is a round leather tote bag handbag; will fold in hand inside, turn round leather bangle, its change process is as the acme of perfection.Charles Anastase in Le Pliage canvas bags are painted on the two don’t have poetic pattern, with large brown buttons. A pattern is a pair of ballet shoes," I could written next to sleep 24hours a day"; another is fun to the Persian cat, written next to In my heart or" in my hand". Jeremy Scott since 2006and has been working in Longchamp humor flow like water, he will channel bags for sale incarnate himself as wearing a red silk kimono" Nouveau Samurai" ( new generation warriors ), projected onto the Le Pliage canvas bag on the effect, as he flew out from a handbag, a smile. ANDAM founder Nathalie Dufour said:" we are honored to cooperate this Longchamp get the full support and cooperation, coordination mode of production to original works to show. Longchamp has always been loyal to their own ideas, of this cooperation was perfect for the brand of quality, crafts and breakthrough creativity. The 3 Le Pliage works represent 3 different styles, ideas and atmosphere, reflects the ANDAM encourage the spirit of pluralism. ANDAM was founded in 1989, is currently the president of Pierre Berg E. The French Ministry of culture ( French Ministry of Culture ) under the sponsorship of ANDAM, and continuously explore and support French and global fashion new. ANDAM were members of the fashion industry ‘s top international brands, including Longchamp, LVMH, the Gucci Group, L Or, Galeries Lafayette and Saks e al Fifth Avenue. Every year ANDAM holds a ANDAM Fashion Award, to160000 euro bonus award winner, was the same type of award in the largest one, it attracts much the fashion industry and international media participation. In addition to the above3 winning units, all previous winners include: Anne-Val e RIE, Bernhard Willherm, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Richard Nicoll and Gareth Pugh2008winners. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: