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The Western movie, see how the world China film Sohu – tourism Author: Siufay Ying Er zhenbeipu Western studios ticket information: 100 yuan tickets (including two Ming and Qing City, old Yinchuan Street); student tickets 75 yuan address: Ningxia Yinchuan zhenbeipu Western studios to transport: a Western movie bus in the city of Yinchuan, is red as the bus stops at different stations, and the bus will be affixed with Western studios four characters. Zhenbeipu Western studios in Yinchuan city is the first AAAAA scenic spot, was named "Chinese’s most popular tourist destination" and "best tourist attractions" China, and Ningxia back to the Han villagers as treasure Ningxia ", is one of the typical China cultural industry success. City attractions are divided into "old Yinchuan Street", "city" and "city" three clusters. Enter from the "knowledge gate", according to the route of Taoism the most auspicious: White Tiger (entrance), Qinglong (old Yinchuan Street), rosefinch, Xuanwu (Ming Cheng), a control word (city), and "8" homophonic, auspicious operation, that is to say, this is a auspicious tourism. So far, there have been shot won domestic and international awards of the "Wrangler" "Red Sorghum" "the Yellow River" "the old man and the dog" "Westward Journey" "New Dragon Inn" and "Jedi" wolf hundreds of film and television works, from here out of the star, most films, most of the domestic and foreign the film awards most, the most desolate, the original rugged, natural original style, the most suitable shooting western films, so called "a Chinese". Enter the park after a long corridor, some posters gallery above the display various movies shot here, as if you review the development history of the film, the film is Chinese looked at how to get out of the world. First we visited the city, built in 1740, the emperor’s life in Qian Long stone building built a compaction loess barracks, the lucky door "qingcheng". Qingcheng resembles a big tortoise from Helan mountain climb down, "turtle mountain, good luck" in italy. Qingcheng prosperous and bustling, internal in various folk craft shows, the main attractions are Wengcheng, lucky door, mysterious caves, film and television, Baihuatang street, Castle turtle Gua, dudufu, magic palace, Guanyin Pavilion, pavilion, pavilion, Gaozi star kennel. The style is mainly to the ancient city, one can feel into the ancient atmosphere. Usually on the TV series heroes passing Inn appeared in front, there is a post office, but just decoration. If you want to send a postcard to town next door to the canteen to buy. On the wall to make, usually in the TV series will see if anyone will because the city wanted, is to arrest warrant posted on the wall, all the arrangements are reduction, as he was in the TV series. This is one of the most famous city walls, westward journey inside the story is here. Stephen Chow and Athena Chu also stood on the gate of the portrait brand, so that the scene reproduction. The sign specifically stated the origins of it, if you have seen the movie, very deep in the memory相关的主题文章: