World Cup – Bogebage knife misfiring game at 0-0 draw the underdog in France viper12a

World Cup – Bogebage knife misfiring game at 0-0 draw with France underdog Griezmann Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 7th 02:452018 Russia’s World Cup European zone group A first round contest, France 0-0 Belarus away with the stuffy end, failed to get a good start. Pogba, Glenn Seidman, Marshall and Giroux composed of luxury Yahuo attack line. The two sides clash A-class events the history of the 4, France 2 wins 1 flat 1 negative; the last World Cup, France 3-1, 4-2 away home court Belarus completed a double play. In this game, Valane led the defence, bogeba partner Kanter Glenn Seidman, guarding the midfield, Marshall and Giroux in the first. Fifth minutes, J Gene Vecchi attempted shot missed the left post. Eighth minutes, Gregory Saltzman 30 meters free kick shot was confiscated G Burnuof. Thirteenth minutes, Ma Charles closed top low shot wide of the left post. Seventeenth minutes, Sissoko pass, Giroux header wide of the right post. Eighteenth minutes, Pogba shot from Gebunuofu resolve. Thirty-first minutes, Kool Savoy pass, he left the volley. 2 minutes later, the shire horse box cross from the left, Giroux header block. Forty-second minutes, Valane shot from blocking. 3 minutes later, Pogba was saved from Gebunuofu. Easy side battles. Forty-ninth minutes, J Gene Vecchi shot from blocking. Fifty-third minutes, Gregory Saltzman Zhise, Giroux close shot wide of the right post. Fifty-fourth minutes, Kalachev restricted area shot shot higher than the beam. Jonny Sivakov koscielny booked. Fifty-eighth minutes, Glenn Seidman free kick was Gebunuofu saved the bottom line. Paillet pass in the corner, Giroux header hit the crossbar. Sixty-second minutes, Valane shot wide of the left post. Sixty-eighth minutes, Gregory Gebunuofu Saltzman shot was saved. Paillet pass in the corner, Valane header wide target. Seventy-third minutes, Paye free kick, Kool Savoy header was Gebunuofu resolve. After 1 minutes, Dembele pass, Gregory Saltzman restricted Youlei shot wide of the near post. Pogba’s shot is blocked, Giroux long-range higher beam. Eighty-third minutes, Kurt Savoy, paillet long-range Gebunuofu resolve. Eighty-eighth minutes, bogeba ball, Kanter attempted shot wide of the right post. After 1 minutes, Sidibe shot from Gebunuofu resolve. Jonny Mae J J Ki Dembele booked. Fourth minutes of stoppage time, Pogba shot was blocked. Finally, the French 0-0 away free Russia stuffy. France (4-2-3-1): 16- Mandanda 19-, Sidibe 4-, 21- 3-, varane kesiqieerni Kurt Savoy 13- Kanter, 6- Pogba 18- Sissoko (69 ’12- Dembele), 7- Marshall (57 11-, Gregory Saltzman’ 8- paillet) 9- Giroux Belarus (4-2-3-1): 22-, 19-, 17- Gebunuo Boda minchev Sivakov, 6- Parry Tsai Vecchi Polyakov, 5- 18- Ma Kandinsky, evry 7- Kool Stasevich statue 9- (69 ’14- Kerry Fitch), 11- Gordon Chuck, 23-)相关的主题文章: