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Wu Gou: the three dynasties of Ming and Qing Yuan appeared to Medieval back [Abstract] I say so, of course, is not to boast of ancestors once rich, "I just want to say a truth: modernization is not what the alien alien thing; power demand and modernization in our tradition. Figure: the Qing Dynasty mahjong the modern transformation of the internal power of Chinese Author: Wu hook for China modern transformation occurs, academia has two hypothesis is the most famous, one for the American Sinologist Fei Zhengqing proposed the "impact response theory". What is "shock response theory"? To sum up, it is believed that the Chinese traditional society, after experiencing the "shock" from the West in nineteenth Century, produced a "response", and then the transformation of modernization. Obviously, the premise of "shock response theory" is "the stagnation of Chinese history": it is necessary to insist that the Chinese society lacks the intrinsic driving force of modernization, and the model of "shock response" has the power of explanation. Another hypothesis is the "Tang and Song Dynasties" theory proposed by Naito Konan, a Japanese sinologist". The scholars who hold the theory of "Tang and Song Dynasties" believe that in the Song Dynasty, China has experienced the transformation of modernization, which is reflected in the aspects of politics, society and economy. If we say that the Tang Dynasty is the medieval Song Dynasty is the dusk, so the dawn of modern time. The theory of Tang and Song Dynasties not only provides an analytical framework for the study of the history of Song Dynasty, but also gives us some enlightenment on the modernization of china. According to the idea of "Tang and Song Dynasties", it is clear that the modernization of China is endogenous and the result of the spontaneous evolution of traditional civilization. China, study on the modern history of the late Qing Dynasty scholars, whether uphold the principle of "anti imperialist and anti feudal orthodox school" theory, liberal intellectuals or pro western, mostly or consciously or unconsciously deeply influenced by Fei Zhengqing "impact response" theory, in other words, in the reflection of the traditional position, their point of view is highly consistent. The study of modern history of Mr. Fang Lei Yi introduced a modern public space China article recently read, "the article said: in the traditional Chinese, public space is very limited, no more" conscious ", such as the China garden has a long history and beautiful, but not the royal garden is a private garden, from the" odd Park "; birds and animals to have the Royal courtyard from public or private," zoo "; China has always been no shortage of voracious bibliophile, several large library is still the cultural history of the legend, but not the Royal Pavilion is a private library, from the public library; antiques is always the good scholars. The liberal arts are very public, but not the royal collection is private caress play thing, from the public" Museum "; the memorial has only made the official decree" The "from the modern public information newspaper. And this kind of "public", are under the influence of Western learning, very recently appeared in our life, so that our "public space" expansion is not small, can be described as "benefit". Mr. Lei also want to agree with Fei Zhengqing’s "shock response theory". He has analyzed the formation of the public space in modern China, placed in the specific historical period of the late Qing Dynasty, also It stands to reason. However, if we widen the horizon from a longer history.相关的主题文章: