Xi’an residential area, the unit will be within the road and urban roads open (video) shdoclc.dll

Internal Road residential area in Xi’an, will open up the western network and City Road (Shaanxi radio and television news "reporter" Huang Ting Cui long) recently, the Shaanxi provincial government issued "opinions" on further promoting the construction of new urbanization, the construction of city traffic microcirculation function as one of the city specific task to improve clearly, and in Xi’an city (District) part of city area to carry out roads and road unit compound residential area, through the pilot. In June this year, Xi’an motor vehicles exceeded 2 million 500 thousand, and to continue to increase the speed of about 1000 vehicles per day, often driving people feel that, even if it is not the peak, driving on the road is not easy. Xi’an citizens: blocking, the car is blocked." Xi’an taxi driver: novice (driver) too much." Reporter: "well?"" Xi’an taxi driver." Speaking of this topic all traffic congestion, summarizes several causes, too many cars, driving level is too bad, there is a mishap, is the road network construction is not enough, sometimes I really feel no way out. Xi’an taxi driver: Xi’an road now no way, has been set up, the two sides of the building, has decided that the road is so much, no way." Xi’an people: "like the southern suburbs of Beijiao, is the three road, a Mingguang Road, a Weiyang Road, one of the three ring road, not what the choice of these three, but these three are blocked." In the provincial government recently issued "on further promoting the construction of the new urbanization in the implementation of opinions", on speeding up the construction of a comprehensive transportation network of the city, proposed to guide the promotion of new residential district, in principle no longer closed residential construction. Has built a residential area and the compound to gradually open the unit, the formation of road traffic microcirculation. In Xi’an and other parts of the city to carry out the selection of residential areas, the unit courtyard road and urban roads open up pilot. In fact, in the open residential area of internal roads in this regard, Xi’an has precedents. In the aviation industry, Xi’an Aviation Engine Group Co., Ltd. family community, the district in the new road on the road belonging to the unit inside the road, but allow social traffic. Community residents: it has a fifteen minute time to control the work time." Reporter: there are other vehicles (limited line)?" Community residents: no." Area residents said the new road opened in the southernmost part of Yu Zhenguan Road, has been completely connected, now travel another road, traffic up more gradually, but there is no roads, road traffic markings and designated parking spaces, is sometimes a problem. Area residents: compared to the previous words, it may be a little more likely to be a little easier, but if the car is now more saturated, too many words, but more crowded." In fact, the district residents worry is the need to pay attention to in the future pilot promotion problems, after all, most have built residential areas and units of the internal road, because the function and use of different original frequency, and municipal road standards still need to improve. Note: video only for extended reading. Xi’an, a District kindergarten freshmen due to delay相关的主题文章: