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You have to live in a minute encounter the nouveau riche atmosphere of the high-end villa older 3S lady social problem more and more serious, this girl is not ugly to nobody, they fine living, well-dressed, a lot of high quality male side line, but there is no eyes to watch, this is really bad parents heart. This is the time to test the mother-in-law’s three business. There are ancient mengmusanqian, for the children to study, now only need to "move" the mother-in-law. Beijing central villa district has always been a gathering place for the rich, the capital of the northeastern outskirts of the Wenyu River and the airport highway intersection enclosed central villa district range (over time or change) the central villa district range (over time or change), is Beijing’s first luxury villa community. After more than and 10 years of development, has become a veritable CVD (central villa area), the formation of a high-end residential belt. The central villa district consists of 22 independent villa community, north to the north of the airport expressway, Airport Expressway south to the south, West to the Beijing Chengde, east of the capital airport expressway. With close to the capital airport near Yansha foreign embassy district, at the beginning of the construction here is defined as the international community, coupled with the national green ecological corridor planning, which formed here lush verdant trees and spring water, Beijing has become the most suitable residential villa area first. According to the villa area, decoration of different styles, different forms, different geographical features, the price is quite different, one room one price, average price remained at 25000 yuan or more. Living in such an area, whether it is the natural environment and the human environment of many minutes of abuse of the city’s many projects, and now you are recommended to the small number of high-end villas located in the central villa project. Beichen · 1900 villa homes (real estate information) is located in Shunyi District Shunxing street Beijing City Hospital No. 11 at the statue garden. The first phase of the project in the sale, the price to be determined, with an area of 251-260 square meters, three floors on the ground, the ground floor. The first layer of 5.4 meters high, all the gifts, property costs for 3.1 square meters of January, 70 years of property rights, blank endorsed xianfang. COFCO · Swiss government (real estate information), the main push top luxury single family house garden villa, located in Beijing, Chaoyang District Sunhe plate, Beijing is the first overall planning after the development of low density residential sector. Address is 1500 meters north of Chaoyang District Xiang Jiangbei road. COFCO · Rui palace is located in the core of the central villa plate, the main push villa project. Villa area of 647-848 square meters, two floors on the ground, two floors underground, a total range of about 3900-5800 million units, 70 years of property rights, blank endorsed, property management fee of 9.9 yuan / square meters. COFCO · auspicious clouds International Plaza (real estate information) to build the country city landmark complex project is located in the B District of Shunyi District Airport Industrial Zone, the three platoon villa in the sale. COFCO · auspicious clouds International Plaza has launched a product called auspicious clouds one. The three phase of the platoon villa area of about 470-486 square meters, A units for the underground two floors, the ground floor of the B, C, D for the floor on the ground floor, the ground floor of the two layer of the.相关的主题文章: