Zhangzhou banned 51 black list of polluting enterprises involved in environmental crimes transferred magicq

Zhangzhou banned 51 on the black list of 14 polluting enterprises involved in environmental crime to the public security the author learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, as of October 20th, the city has banned the "ten small" enterprises 51, the leather industry 1, electroplating industry 8, other industries 42, 14 enterprises have alleged environmental crimes shall be transferred to public security organs investigation. At the same time, Huang Jianping electroplating factory suspected of environmental crimes, which have been transferred to the Zhangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Xiangcheng branch investigation; Zheng Qiuhui Wu Zhong Huang Yunxiao County living waste plastic recycling, Yunxiao County living waste plastics recycling point 2 "ten small" enterprises to enter the relevant law enforcement procedures, to ban the work completed during the year. It is reported that the "ten small" enterprises that do not meet the national industrial policy of small paper, leather, printing and dyeing, dyes, coking, smelting sulfur, refining arsenic, refining, electroplating, pesticides and other serious pollution of the water environment of enterprises. To implement the "water pollution prevention action plan", at present, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in the city within the organization to carry out the ban on "ten small" enterprises work plan completed by the end of the year to ban the non-compliance of the "ten small" enterprises. (Zheng Wenwen) on the "black list" of the "ten small" enterprises in Zhangzhou City, Ji Hui plastic foam packing Co., Ltd. Huang Jinhui Xie Yunhua waste plastics processing plant waste plastic processing factory Li Yuping waste plastic processing plant in Zhangzhou City Bai Lu Machinery Accessories Co. Ltd Luo Hui waste plastic electroplating factory factory Yang Songquan Liu Gaoqiu watches disc factory step Wen Zhen Yan Chunshou Zaiyang Longwen District hung pearl business department pigskin Zhang Liuxiang Business District of Longwen Wang Maorong business field plywood processing plastic processing plants in Longwen Yuan Hongfei plastics processing Zhangzhou Baihong Food Trade Co. Ltd. Longwen District Yang Jianxin slaughter processing plants in Longhai Bang Shan Zhen Chong Fu Cun Nei CuO leather processing field of Longhai Yan CuO Yong Shun Plastic Products Co. Longhai City Yong Shen plastic products Co., Ltd. Yan Huiyu waste battery warehouse for Longhai nine town Xinchun village waste plastics processing field in Longhai City, Zheng Shunlin Cheng town of waste plastics processing Sha Jianyang Tuo mouth plastic rice processing Chen Wencai plastic rice processing plants in Huaan and Changtai in the junction of Sha Jian ban plastic rice processing field Zheng Beichang global bamboo plant Huaan County Yuhua tin factory Chen Longhui stone processing plant pits plastic rice processing field in Longshan Town Yellow Mountain plastic rice factory town and waste plastics factory Grohe Yong Jin Shan Zhen Wang meters highwater waste plastic rice factory of Pinghe County in Wenfeng Zhenlong Hu Cun plastic rice processing factory Changtai County Ping Pu Shan county of Changtai Dai mountain waste recycling waste recycling waste recycling station Lu Muhua Changtai village after plastic Material Co. Ltd. Changtai County Rong Fu plastic processing factory Li Shuangcheng waste plastic processing factory Yang Yuming waste plastic processing factory in Zhangpu county. The letter of plastic products factory Zhangpu County town of pomegranate Wanda plastic processing factory Zhangpu County Xin Bao Liang plastic processing plant in Zhangpu County, Changshan Huang Jinglin plastics processing field Du Xun Zhen Guan Yang Wu Yibiao plastic rice processing factory Ai Binhui electroplating field相关的主题文章: