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Zhu Xiaohu: Internet business risk, VC are on vacation TS 30%- Sohu Leidi network technology breach rate Lotte August 29th reported angel investors, Jinsha River venture partner Zhu Xiaohu day before a gang of 828 for the first Southern conference made a speech. Zhu Xiaohu said in his speech, this year’s investors shot more slowly than last year. Especially this summer, many investors are on vacation. Zhu Xiaohu warned entrepreneurs, in front of the business model, we must strictly control the cost, we must keep the cash flow, what is right, what is wrong. "Two days ago to see a news report, said an entrepreneur to get a team TS, please eat a big meal, then the money did not arrive, suddenly dumbfounded." Zhu Xiaohu said, entrepreneurs must remain very cautious attitude, get the TS isn’t everything, today the TS breach rate may be more than 30%, to get the money that counts, even if the money is not a special impulse, must remain very cautious attitude to spend money. Zhu Xiaohu also said that in China, Internet business is very dangerous, even in certain segments of success, also is not everything, probably from another you in unexpected places, there are opponents out exterminate you. The following is an angel investor, venture partner Zhu Xiaohu Jinsha River speech record: in recent months, we have been said to be the capital of the cold winter, this year, investors shot more slowly than last year. Especially this summer, many investors are on vacation, so I think winter is really a well deserved reputation of the capital. The figures can also see that this is indeed a lot slower than last year, basically half of last year the pace of investment, especially the angel and A round of the project, the speed is much slower than last year, and it is also the norm. In the past such a bubble period is relatively small, three or four years is a cycle, the speed of this year and the previous year’s speed is almost the same. Another point is that last year’s angel investment case is really too little. One of the characteristics of the Internet is that the feedback cycle is very short, basically six months after the vote, the project will not know the line. The higher the risk of the early project, so many angel investors have been hit before, now do not dare to sell, resulting in a sharp decline in angel investment figures. Last year, investors see the entrepreneur may be the first problem is how much your income, your growth rate is much, and sometimes even do not ask you to sales revenue, only ask the water. Because most projects rely on subsidies and push the line to transport the transaction documents to the platform, only water. This year, if entrepreneurs see investors, he does not care about your income and running water, his first question is, do you have gross profit? Is it positive or negative? Second, the gross profit after deducting the cost of performance of the order is positive or negative. The third question is, how much is your customer cost, the number of transactions required customers to cover costs. We can see that today’s investors are concerned about a more pragmatic, more realistic problem, which is the status quo this year. .相关的主题文章: